Everything you wanted to know about the URAL sidecar motorcycles

Welcome to Ural Land. Everything about the Ural Motorcycles. The last heavy duty motorcycle manufactured in Russia.

December 2011

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This could be your first approach to the Ural Motorcycles brand, o may be you know all the universe around the URAL world. Perhaps you have been searching for info about the different models of sidecar motorcycles the distant russian factory insist to keep in the market. Maybe you are only interested in sidecars...


If you like old styles motorcycles, whatever your condition is it is sure that you will find interesting information at Ural-Land.com.


We really want just one thing will be missing here. The warm Ural engine smell.


The fact is that without any dude this is a mistery. What can be the reason that an old styling machine, built with old procedures, old components and with no state of the art specs is able to keep people awake from the very first sight?

New Ural Motorcycles experience
Home of the AdventUral concept

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URAL-LAND.com your best information provider about the Ural Motorcycles

Being a motocycle fan makes you apply a sentimental value to mechanical things far away from any possible explanation. It is very easy to see the real passion and love a rider has to his/her bike. It is almost impossible to explain that attraction feeling to the "thing", to the machine and it seems it has no logical sense.


With the Ural machine this feeling could be even more powerful. Despite its comfort or maybe becouse of that, the Ural bike (and it's sidecar) is not an everyday motorcycle, the way we think about that today. It is not designed as a low gas consumption vehicle. It will not save time in the cities. It is neither a fast urban conmuter and it has no care for the rider against weather.


Yes, it's look catchs the attention but normally it doesn't stir high speed motorcycle lovers.


However... they have the power to... make you fall in love.

3 fakes about the Ural motorcycles. You can learn more about them in this website:

"Ural bikes are very old"

The IMZ-Ural factory has been producing motorcycles since 1940. This has made that IMZ is the motorbikes manufacturer that more units has produced in all the world so there's a lot of possibilities to find out a unit produced many years ago.


However the models being produced today, despite keeping an old fashion design, offer the last technology available so the performance this machine should have and durability are completely guaranteed.

"The Ural ride on slowly. It has not been evolutioned"

Even though the Ural machines are not really fast, that's not becouse they are old, out or poor quality. As opposed to that, every model from Ural is manufactured with state of the art components and all them mean the last heavy duty motorcycle manufactured today in the world.


To find the right definition for heavy duty motorcycle we should meet the requirements that the armies of the world stablished at the beginning of II world war to the motorcycles manufacturers but we can quickly resume in: huge load capacity (for a motorcycle), offroad abilities and mechanics tough enough for anything.


Check our Ural History section to find out how the Ural Motorcycle (and the heavy duty motorcycle concept) was created

"I don't know who can have fun with a Ural... it cannot go faster than 120 km/h"

It is true. A Ural motorcycle is not the bike to keep cruiser speed beyond 100 km/h... If that's what you're looking for... don't go further. The Ural is not your bike.


Now, if you're looking for a travel partner willing for EVERYTHING and give it the opportunity to show how it's able to convert all it's heavy weight in agility, strengh and reliability in the world's roughest lands... then the URAL willbe your bike.


With it's unique style the Ural motorcycles areable to combine tradition and technology. the URAL is more than a whim to everybody that loves the motorcycle adventure.