Franceses con R-75

French soldairs using a R-71 captured to the german army

I don't really believe I am going to be able to explain when this obsesion started but I think it could started before I got my first motorcycle.

Our name is Altair Co.. Well, it is not, and that is easy to know so I'm not going to tell about that but let's make it is. 10 years ago we bought the bike that makes me to come back to the motorcycle world after several years of logic and common sense.

"Everything started when as a child I prefered the germans becouse they used to ride bikes, while the americans used a jeep".

We started to travel by bike. We were very lucky and we formed a very good team... and everything runs smoothly during a lot of kilometers. Then more motorcycles came. And more journeys. More adventure

One day, I rode some kilometers besides a URAL and a new virus infected my blood.

I don't know when started, but I think my attraction to these machines began when I discovered that in the movies I prefered the germans becouse they used to ride bikes, while the american used a jeep.

This web site was born during the dude days. I had no dudes but there was no room in home for one more bike. All the dude hours, searching for info, finished with these files you can surf now. Our main target was to see if we could defeat the virus...

Time passed and Ural Land was born. Everything was a last try to trick our fate. As you could see, we failed and finally a russian motorcycle came to our lifes.

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