URAL Background

Q: What the hell a Ural is?

A: A Ural motorcycle, apart from the obvious, that is a retro fashion design motorcycle, built in metal and with a sidecar is a Motorcycle with all these specifications:


Offroad Motorcycle with a 750cc flat twin engine equipped with a 4 speed gearbox with one reverse. Some models are also equipped with a second wheel drive (the sidecar one). That makes these Ural to be suitable to drive for very difficult terrains (mud, snow) without any problem.


The Ural designs started as the russian evolution of the military BMW motorcycle R71. If you want to know more of the history and development of the Ural Motorcycles follow this link.


The 40HP standard engine (all models share the same performance engine) is enough to "catapult"  to a maximum speed of 120 km/h. The soul of the Ural motorcycle kindly ask to rider around 80 km/h.

Q: Are the Ural motorcycles old machines?

A: Despite the Ural motorcycles are very popular in classic vehicles related enviroments all the Ural models actually produced are NOT old motorcycles. Under that classic design there is a state of the art motorcycle with all the european and japanese last technology to make Ural be possible: The last heavy duty motorcycle of the World.

Q: What a heavy duty motorcycle really is?

A: The heavy duty motorcycle answer the requirements all the armies of the world stablished at the beginning of the II WW; all terrain vehicles with large load capacity, solid enough to be called as "bombproof", and always ready for a huge amount of work.

Q: How will I manage to drive a sidecar motorcycle? Is it difficult?

A: Driving a sidecar motorcycle cannot be considered as easy or difficult. It's something simply different. All your previous experience driving or riding all kind of vehicles will not be enough becouse riding a heavy duty motorcycle is something DIFFERENT but not difficult. During the first miles the new Ural motorcycle rider must maximize all the cares while driving to get use to the new vehicle behaviour.

Q: Will I be able to make long rides with a Ural motorcycle?

A: With a Ural motorcycle you should not make long rides. The lucky Ural owner must make long rides. The Ural motorcycle is a machine designed to be working for long hours in any kind of ambients. With its peculiarities, the Ural motorcycle versatility and huge load capacity will make your journey a beatiful experience you will never want to be finished.

Q: Should I have mechanical experience to own a Ural motorcycle?

A: It is not necessary at all to enjoy a Ural motorcycle more than any other motorcycle in the world. All the after-sale service rests in a well trained distributors and agents network to give all the service your Ural motorcycle could need.

Q: So, why people tell me that for owning a Ural motorcycle I better should learn mechanics?

A: Well, this is a legend produced and extended by the old (some real old) Ural and Dnepr and most of them in not very good conditions that were imported all around the world from the eastern countries by no scruples company (fortunately most of them have dissapeared) that bought the motorcycles in those countries scrapyards and were sold later as totally rebuilt vehicles while they only gived them some new paint. That made these units to need "intensive cares".

Q: I am not a mechanics expert and I am totally in love with Ural motorcycles. However I have heard that it is a good idea to have a mechanic in the family. Is that true?.

A: All the Ural motorcycles mechanics have been designed to be simple, solid and reliable. This makes all the service task and most usual repairs are very easy to do. Any normal person, even without mechanics experience can do it. You can take a look to our Multimedia Service Guide and consider by yourself...

Q: May I uninstall the Ural sidecar from the motorcycle?

A: There is no problem from the technical point of view. Other point of view is what the law says in your country. As an example the only Ural model approved to drive without sidecar is the Ural Retro. Howver the Ural motorcycles have been designed to drive with sidecar. So think it the other way. Imagine a huge tube tighted to a motorcycle. Would it be funny to drive?

Russian Motorbikes. The whole family

P:  ¿Quien es Dnepr y que tiene que ver con las Ural?

R: Aunque los nombres se refieren a motocicletas muy similares no podemos sin embargo confundirlos. Los modelos con el nombre Dnepr son los fabricados por la Kiev Motosikletny Zavod (o lo que es lo mismo Compañia de Motocicletas de Kiev) en Ucrania. Los modelos Ural son los fabricados por la Irbitskiy Mototsikletniy Zavod (o lo que es lo mismo Compañia de Motores de Irbit) en Siberia, Rusia. Ambas fábricas partieron del mismo modelo pero su desarrollo fue paralelo. Existe una tercera rama de la familia que son los modelos fabricados en China por Chang Jiang - MZ. Quizás pueda apetecerte echar un vistazo a la sección Mundo Ural para conocer como transcurrió este proceso.

P: ¿Por que unos modelos se llaman IMZ en lugar de Ural? ¿Por que KMZ en lugar de Dnepr?

R: Ural es el nombre comercial que tomaron los modelos fabricados por I.M.Z. Dnepr el que se les dió a los modelos que salían de Ucrania, de la planta de Kiev. No obstante existe un convencionalismo entre los aficionados a estos modelos en llamar IMZ o KMZ a los modelos más antiguos y reservar los nombres "comerciales" para los modelos más evolucionados: modelos con válvulas en cabeza en lugar de laterares

P: ¿Como se pronuncia Dnepr?

R: Bueno en realidad depende del idioma en el que se diga, pero como regla general lo más parecido al ruso sería pronunciar algo parecido a Diiiníiiper, dicho de forma muy rápida y exagerando un poco la r final a lo ruso.

Q: What are the differences between the Ural Patrol and the Ural Sportsman