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Sep 12

  posted by SHARON CEREZ   from  on September 12, 2015 10:36


My name is sharon Cerez I am single, I want to make friends and meet a serious man with whom I will live a better

life couple for the wedding. My email address is sharon.cerez@yahoo.com.

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May 11

  posted by Kevin  Baughman from United States on May 11, 2015 23:06

I have had my 2014 Ural Gear-up for 9 months now. I really like it. I ride it to work almost every day, even in the winter; with the help of heated clothing.

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Jan 9

  posted by Alan Boyle  boyle from United Kingdom on January 09, 2015 11:18

I am very interested in the Ural motorbikes and hopefully I want to find one to restore and revamp for the modern traffic. From the Zundapp Z22 right up to the Ural Wolf of today they are all facinating and I can't wait to find any of the Ural's mootorbikes to restore even starting with a bare bike frame and working from there.
I live in Sheffield, England, UK If there is anyone with a total basket case I would like to hear from if you are interested in selling it.
email - boyle1962@yahoo.co.uk

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Oct 8

  posted by Gunter  Bay from Canada on October 08, 2014 22:19

I got a Ural Tourist 2007 very Happy

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Aug 1

  posted by David  Simpson from Canada on August 01, 2014 23:08

I just got my first Ural, a 2009 Patrol and I'm learning how to ride it!
I am very fond of this bike and hope to meet more people who enjoy the experience of bringing this machine into their lives (and putting a little of their lives into this machine!) Safe and happy riding to all my three-wheeling 'comrades' out there.

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Jul 1

  posted by Bob D.   from United States on July 01, 2014 12:38

I am getting mine soon

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