Despite being part of a land where a lot of the "invents" that today still rules, the russian are not "original". The Ural word had been used as the "nickname" of thousands of devices and enterprises (please read enterprises in the wide sense of the term).

As the short version, and without trying to explain all the uses of the name "Ural", besides the name of the brand of the motorcycle manufactured by Irbitskiy Mototsikletniy Zavod has been used to give a name to the following products:

Ural Automotive Plant: Heavy Duty off road trucks


Despite everything seem to point out the opposive there is no any relation between IMZ and the company behind the Ural Trucks.


In the year 1941, and for the same reason (see the Ural history for details)  the production plant of Zavod Imeni Stalina (ZIS which means Factory named for Stalin) was moved from Moscow to the other side of the Urals as a prevent measure to the inminent conflict with Adolf Hitler's goverment.


The ZiS factory was then involved in the production of a Fiat F-15 truck derivated that was an active member of the russian troops transport vehicles.


After II World War the company changed its name several times getting specialized in off road heavy duty trucks (4x4, 6x6, 8x8).


After the Soviet Union "democratization" the company has become part of the giant group GAZ which also owns other vehicle factory. That made possible that Ural Truck was the first automobile company that achived an ISO 9001 certificate and quality system approval from TUV-CERT.


If you want to know more from URAL trucks follow this link

Ural Truck 375D
Ural 375D

Ural-1: The first ballistic dedicated computer


As many other thins the computer beginnings were forced by army needs. Deeply into the Cold war, the russian army headed several projects aimed to missile control. Missile technology were starting its "beta status" after the promised "alfa phase" that ended in II World War.


To control this new devices and fulfill the demanding requirement of the also newborn space race, in 1959 the project for the Electronic Computer Producing Manufacturer was approved in Penza to create a new supercomputer capable enough to make all these calculations.


The Ural-1 to Ural-4 models used electronic architectures based in valves. From Ural-11 series to Ural 14, both produced between 1964 and 1971 were built based in semiconductors based electronic architectures.


The URAL-1 model were able to make 12.000 floating-point calculations per second and was mainly used by research center involved in military development.


The tipical installation included a keyboard, controlling-reading unit, input punched tape, output punched tape, printer, magnetic tape memory, ferrite memory, ALU (arithmetical logical unit), CPU (central processing unit), and power supply.


The device occupied approximately 90-100 square metres of space. The computer ran on three-phase electric power and had a three-phase magnetic voltage stabiliser with 30kVA capacity.

Ural 1 Computer
Ural-1 Computer

Installation diagram Ural-16

Ural Great Perm: Basketball Team

The PBC Ural Great Perm was a basketball team based in Perm, that played in the Russian Super League, and the FIBA EuroChallenge. The The club's home arena was Universal Sports Palace Molot, with room for 7.000 spectators.


The club was founded in 1995 on the Perm Technology University. Ural Great won the Russian League championship on two occasions, in the years 2001 and 2002 and the Russian Cup in the year 2004. They also won the NEBL championship in the year 2001. Ural also won the EuroCup Challenge championship in the year 2006.


On October 2008 the team went bankrupt and did not participate in any further competitions.


2 Russian Championships: (2001, 2002)

1 Russian Cup: (2004)

1 EuroCup Challenge championship: (2006)

1 North European Basketball League championship: (2001)


Oficial Team Website

Ural Basketball Team
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