2011 range: The 2011 range is built with sidecar motorcycles and solo bikes.

Special Series Limited series models and prototypes


Road Sidecar Models

Ural tourist

Ural Tourist

The Ural Tourist is the entry model for the all range of Ural's sidecar and actually means the most economical way to become part of the sidecar motorcycling family. Despite its low price Irbit's factory didn't want to let pass the oportunity to provide this model with the last technology advances shared with the rest of the motorcycle industry like the electronic ignition, manual and electric start together with the well known Irbit's machines strenght.
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Ural retro

Ural Retro

The Ural Retro has been the last try of IMZ-Ural to create a new model that joins all the versatility of Ural's machine while exhibing as much clasicism as possible. The Ural Retro, a nearly exact replic of the first IMZ M-72 invokes the elegance and style of the original model but providing it with all the nowdays technology to creat a honorable replic to be show in any clasic vehicles exhibition. The Ural Retro is without doubts, a living clasic.

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Road / offroad Models with sidecar

Ural sportsman

Ural Sportsman - Patrol

Also known as the Ural Tourist de Luxe or Ural Patrol (depending on the market area) this model has became in the most well-balanced and most versatile ever manufactured by Ural. The chassis height and the exclusive transmission system to the sidecar's wheel without using any mechanical differential (harder and maintenance free) makes this machine the perfect partner for any kind of adventure by any kind of terrain.
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Ural ranger

Ural Ranger

Known in some markets as the Ural Gear-Up it is the IMZ-Ural bid to keep in their catalog a military vocation vehicle. It's look warns about the Irbit's factory. The finishing details split up this bad guys model from the outstanding Sportsman keeping all the technical advantages. Includes exclusive accesories designed to provide a better vehicle's response while driving by off road and dirty roads.
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Ural Cross
A fresh perspective brought to the off-road. The results of the design study called GS made by the Europe distributor Irbit's factory to produce this model called to be in the most extreme adventures and competition scenary. Based in two models, tourist and sportsman, the unit includes a new design sidecar that gives all the mobility to the (copilot) monkey without dispense any security item.
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Solo Models
Despite the Irbit's brand has been producing always sidecar motorcycles, the evolution started with the Retro model made it available also for solo ride. Since then the rumors of a solo off-road model haven't finished until the Ural sT birth...

Ural Retro / Solo

The Ural brand keeps this living clasic without the optional sidecar in its catalog to leave the tied motorcycle concept. With the strenght and durability present in all the model from the Siberian factory, the Ural Retro Solo attracts the attention of everybody to a greater extent. It's design and the quality that nowadays technology allow to give to the finishing details leaves nobody feeling indifferent.
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Ural sT


Produced Special Series
Over the course of the last years the release of special series from IMZ has become a tradition. Encouraged by all the worlds distributors, any excuse has being used to create a new special series that broke the conventionality of a design alive for more than 60 years.

Ural Red October

Ural Red October  2010

This model has broken the tradition on the colour election of the full range. On the mechanical basis of a Ural Tourist the bright red metallic paint provides a modern looking to the model without losing a bit of its elegance. Paying tribute to Tom Clancy's novel and film, the Ural Red October presents a new outline: Ural Tourist's chassis and mechanic exist with 18" tyres lowering the gravity center providing a new confort and ease while curving never seen before in any Ural model.

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Ural Wjuga

Ural Wjuga 2008
During spring and fall the north area of Siberia is under the lash of cold and frozen winds that are called Wjuga. As the own IMZ said, they didn't wanted create a nice model, but one that invites to navigate in the worst weather conditions.

The model provides all the weather protection items to make any journey through any weather condition would be as easy as pie.
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Ural Pustinja

Ural Pustinja  2007

Dessert in russian is the word that baptized this model based in the Ural Ranger or Gear-up with the intention to bring one step further the outstanding all terrain performance of the original model.

IMZ only produced 35 units of this precious model where there is no place to luxury. All the chroming painting were removed replacing it for black paint.

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Ural Vorona

Ural Vorona  2006
Vorona (BOPOHA in cyrilic) is the russian term to design the female raven birds. Following it style the Ural Vorona is black but without reaching the more sophisticate details of the latest models as the Ural Red October where all the engine, cylinders, exhaust pipes are also painted black.

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Ural Basic

Ural Basic 2005

The Irak's front stablished by many Western Powers headed by USA and promoted by NATO made the Irbit's factory to supply an order of 1000 units to equip the displaced troops.

After that event and following the US distributor proposal the factory launched some units to the market getting a not very good response.

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Design studies
Sometimes trying to give a fresh air to a concept born 60 years ago, the IMZ engineers had created machines like this:

Retro special edition
An exercise in style from the Europe Ural distributor, Ural Motorcycles Linz.

Ural GS

Ural GS

The prototype where the Ural Cross born. 100% all terrain dedicated, the sidecar was totally redesigned to allow all the mobility to the copilot (also known as monkey) while improving stability and grip.

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