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Ural Tourist

Ural Tourist

When the solo models were dropped from the european models list the Ural Tourist was converted in the lowest cost model from IMZ-Ural. Then in 2010 the Ural T was born occuping this place.

It still uses the long tested off road frame that has been evolutioned year by year.

As their "older" sisters the Ural Tourist is equipped with forward disc brake, Earless Equipada como sus hermanas mayores con freno de disco delantero, Earless fork, spare tire, sidecar cover...

Its versatility can only compete with its tight price that makes the sidecar world affordable for any budget.

The Ural Tourist is totally compatible with full Ural accesories range so it is easy to unlimited customize the bile.

Since 2010 the petrol tank compartiment has been removed to allow more petrol capacity and making easy to place an overtank bag.

Opposing to her off road sisters, the Ural Tourist has no sidecar drive. That doen't mean the vehicle loose the good off road qualification all the URAL models play.